Petition urging the PM to authorise air bridges to Aleppo

Published 2nd December 2016

With winter approaching, almost a million Syrians are living under siege conditions, including an estimated 500,000 children.

As a charity that runs medical clinics across the Middle East, including in Syria, we are launching a petition to urge Prime Minister Theresa May to agree to air bridges that would allow desperately needed aid to get into Aleppo, as demanded by over 200 MPs this week.

Establishing an air bridge, rather than dropping aid from planes, means delivering aid via helicopter to airports, highway landing strips, or unimproved airfields. It’s not ideal but in these critical times it’s a better way of trying to get aid where it’s needed most.

Over 11.5 million people need healthcare in Syria but over half of the country’s public hospitals and almost half of its healthcare centres are closed or partially functioning.

Please stand up for those stuck in Aleppo. Sign our petition calling on our Prime Minister Theresa May to use her power and intervene.

We really hope to build on the momentum created by our hugely successful Christmas cards which contrast nativity scenes with modern images of the war-torn Middle East. The first batch sold out within 48 hours and we’ve had to reprint thousands more.

A big thank you to everyone who’s bought cards already. If you haven’t already you can still buy them here.


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