Doctors of the World Training Medics

Peer-to-peer training modules are designed to be delivered by NHS healthcare professionals and medical students, and aim to empower them to improve their colleagues’ understanding of migrant rights to healthcare in England. They should be delivered at trainers’ workplaces or universities.

The training pack consists of 1-1.5 hour modules, with slides tailored to primary care, secondary care or general audiences. All the information is based on the Doctors of the World UK’s knowledge and experience of supporting patients at our London clinics.

All slides and resources are the intellectual property of Doctors of the World UK and shouldn’t be shared or used without acknowledgement or in a manner that is not in accordance with the Guidelines for peer-to-peer trainers.

Training slides

Overview module

Covers both primary and secondary care, providing an overview for general health audiences.

Primary Care module

Focuses on entitlements and barriers in primary care.

Secondary Care module

Focuses on entitlements and barriers in secondary care.

Information for trainers

Guidelines for peer-to-peer trainers

Explains what the peer-to-peer training is all about and our expectations of trainers.

Trainer’s Guide

Offers additional background information for trainers (should be read alongside the slides).

Other resources

Post-training evaluation form for participants.


Training materials updated June 2018.

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