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Policy Briefing on New Plan for Immigration and the Nationality and Borders Bill 2021


Financial Statement 2020


Barriers to wellbeing

Left out in the cold - Full report

Left out in the cold - Executive summary

Impact Report 2019


Left behind: Voices of people excluded from universal healthcare coverage in Europe

Médecins du Monde Global Response Plan to COVID-19


2019 Report and Financial Statements

Delays and destitution: An audit of Doctors of the World's Hospital Access Project (July 2018-20)

A Rapid Needs Assessment of Excluded People in England During the 2020 COVID 19 Pandemic - Full Report


Strategic Plan 2020-2022

2019 Observatory Report Executive Summary


Impact Report 2018

Toolkit on self-care when working with vulnerable people

Registration Refused - A study on access to GP registration in England. Update 2018

Strategic Plan 2017-2019


Impact Report 2017

Financial Statements 2017


People seeking asylum access to healthcare

Access to healthcare for people seeking and refused asylum in Great Britain

UK Birmingham Migrant Health Summary

Observatory Report - falling through the cracks

Closing the Gaps in Healthcare Access

Registration Refused - A study on access to GP registration in England. Update 2017

GP registration and NHS number Policy Brief

Deterrence, Delay and Distress

Financial Statements 2018

COVID-19 Vaccine Briefing: Tailored outreach vaccination delivery services for socially excluded groups in the UK

COVID-19 vaccine - Policy Brief


Registration Refused Briefing 2018


Briefing on Amendment of National Health Service Regulations

February 2017

Doctors of the World Briefing: Government Response to “Making a fair contribution”

Briefing on the MOU Between the Department of Health and the Home Office

Right to Health for All - Analysis Paper on the Human Rights Impact of the MOU

Healthcare entitlement and charging in England – updated 2018


A Short Guide to Access to NHS HealthCare for Migrants

A Toolkit for the NHS Charging Regulations

Registration Refused - A study on access to GP registration in England, 2016

Response to the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration’s Call for Evidence

Response to the Formal Review of ‘The National Health Service (Charges to Overseas Visitors) (Amendment) Regulations 2017

Evidence to the Public Accounts Committee Inquiry on ‘Recovering the cost of NHS treatment for overseas visitors’

APPG on refugees inquiry: "refugees welcome?" - UK response

Department of Health consultation on further NHS charging – “Making a fair contribution”

April 2018

Submission to PHE Call for Evidence on Data-sharing MoU between NHS Digital and Home Office

An Unsafe Distance: the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Excluded People in England

2019 Observatory Report

The lived experiences of access to healthcare for people seeking and refused asylum


International Observatory Report - falling through the cracks

Legal Report: Access to Healthcare in European Countries


International Observatory Report on Access to Healthcare in Europe

Registration Refused


Registration Refused - A study on access to GP registration in England

Access to Healthcare in the UK

Calais Health Report - An Environmental Health Assessment of the New Migrant Camp in Calais

Maternity Study - Experiences of Pregnant Migrant Women receiving Ante/Peri and Postnatal Care in the UK


“ Ensuring fair use of the NHS efficiently and effectively…” - Do No Harm


Impact Report 2016


Impact Report 2015

Financial Statements 2016

Financial Statements 2015

UK Programme Data 2016

UK Programme Report 2016

UK Programme Report 2015


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