Hands Up For Our Health

We all need care when we’re unwell. But right now, some of the most at-risk people in our community find it almost impossible to get medical help.

Hands Up for Our Health is a coalition of organisations fighting for everyone in the UK to have the chance to access healthcare, during COVID-19 and beyond.

Access to healthcare during COVID-19

Whether it’s a migrant living in fear of being deported, a sex worker facing stigma, or a rough sleeper cut off by red-tape – too many people in the UK are excluded from the NHS.

We must make sure nobody falls through the cracks as we fight the pandemic.


In November 2018 the NHS Digital agreed to withdraw from patient information-sharing agreement with the Home Office following legal action taken by Migrants’ Rights Network and Liberty.


Yes, I agree. Humanitarian workers should not be #targetsoftheworld. Attacks on hospitals MUST stop. International humanitarian law is being flouted on a daily basis. In areas of conflict, suffering under bombardment, doctors and nursing staff are now being targeted.


With your support, Doctors of the World will make sure nobody suffers or dies due to lack of access to healthcare.