Doctors of the World has been chosen by The BMJ for its Christmas appeal

Published 28th November 2018

The British Medical Journal is supporting the life saving work  of volunteer doctors who help the most vulnerable patients wherever they are; from Bangladesh to Bethnal Green, from Yemen to the Ukraine and much more.

Your donation to the BMJ Christmas Appeal could feed families in Yemen, or help pregnant women give safe births in the UK, or Syrian refugees with mental health services in Jordan. Making sure nobody suffers or dies because they can’t access health care.
Thank you
Why are we raising funds?

We believe that nobody should suffer or die because they can’t access healthcare. Yes, many people, at home and abroad, still need our help to be able to get treatment or health advice. We rely on individual donations to continue providing emergency and long-term care to vulnerable people around the world. Just this year, thanks to our supporters we were able to provide help to emergencies in Gaza, Greece, Croatia, and Yemen.

In the UK, we are struggling to meet the demand for our help. Every day, we see people in vulnerable circumstances, including pregnant women and children. However, this is still the tip of the iceberg, and much has to be done in London and the rest of the country to help people access healthcare.


What do we do?

Doctors of the World is an independent humanitarian movement working at home and abroad to empower the most vulnerable people to access healthcare.

We help victims of conflict and famine abroad, and those who have fallen through the cracks at home.

Our network has 350 projects in 80 countries. Whether it’s providing urgent medical care in Ukraine, giving mental healthcare to refugees in Calais, or strengthening health systems in west Africa, we meet the health needs of vulnerable people globally.

In the UK, we run clinic and advocacy programmes in London that provide medical care, information and practical support to excluded people such as destitute migrants, sex workers and people with no fixed address.





With your support, Doctors of the World will make sure nobody suffers or dies due to lack of access to healthcare.