Volunteer Week Messages

Published 4th July 2019

During Volunteer Week, in June 2019, we asked some of our supporters to share a message for our volunteers. Here are some of them:


I think it’s wonderful that the volunteers give up their time to help those in need. It seems this help is needed more and more in our country – and with the state of Politics at the moment will become even more relevant. Thank goodness there are good people around like you who have empathy for others and behave in an unselfish manner. – Kay


After this week’s Woman’s Hour serial about Modern Slavery and Ken Loach’s film “I Daniel Blake”, it’s obvious that there is a desperate need for your services. I am so grateful than in this time of a heartless government, someone is doing something to treat people who would otherwise not be able to find medical help either through fear or inaccessibility of services otherwise. I am fortunate in not needing the services, but I am so pleased that you don’t mess about talking the talk, but just get on with it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. – Rwth


It was wonderful to receive a message such as yours about volunteers and their heroic work. Although I am not one of them, I am well aware of the roles they play to make life better for others. So I take this opportunity to join you and the rest in praising and thanking them for what they are. Thank you, volunteers. – John

I am so proud of you all at DOTW, and although I’ve never met you personally, I feel privileged to be a small part of the organisation and to help in a small capacity – wish I could do more! Your brilliant medical volunteers are superb, and thank goodness they are there to help where and when needed. Bravo to you ALL at DOTW – Jean


With your support, Doctors of the World will make sure nobody suffers or dies due to lack of access to healthcare.