Testimony of Rohingya

Published 26th December 2018

On August 25, 2017, Myanmar Army conducted violent raids in Rakhine State (Western Myanmar).

The number of people who fled to Bangladesh exceeded 700,000, crossing the border from Western Rakhine State, where Rohingya live, to Bangladesh. 700,000 people escaped a large-scale sweeping operation to save their lives.


They became refugees, leaving behind their past and present life, for a future that is mostly uncertain. Girls never talk about their future dreams, they do not even grasp the meaning of the question. Women who underwent big trauma are still frightened. Men tormented because they cannot protect their family from suffering.


We must echo their voices and convey their testimony.


Doctors of the World Japan is working in the camps in Bangladesh. They have collected testimonies and stories from Rohingya refugees. Please, help us echo their voices.


You can read their stories here:


Jahida, 17


Muhammad, 11


Shamshu, 25


Husson, 30


Ali, 43; Shobeer, 30; Dil, 63


Gul, 63


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