Refugee Week 2019

Published 18th June 2019

We’re celebrating Refugee Week! June 17th– 23rd is Refugee Week, which celebrates refugees’ contributions across the UK and promotes the fostering of a better sense of community.

This year, we are celebrating Refugee Week in two ways. Firstly, we have taken over the walls on the upper floor at BoxPark Croydon with our latest Print for Refugees collection. This is a part of an on-going project where talented photographers donate their works to be sold at reduced rates, with all proceeds going to Doctors of the World! You can browse the stunning collection or buy one of our stylish Prints for Refugees t-shirts here. And don’t miss your chance to come and see the collection in person before the end of June!

Secondly, we will be sharing some thoughts around maternity and the early stages of life for refugee children. We will explore the concept that the first thousand days of a child’s life are instrumental in shaping their future circumstances, and taking a look at how refugee families can access health care to shape better futures for their children.


With your support, Doctors of the World will make sure nobody suffers or dies due to lack of access to healthcare.