On the Greek Islands, people live in limbo and uncertainty

Published 31st October 2018

In Lesvos, Doctors of the World support on a daily basis dozens of asylum seekers and migrants in vulnerable circumstances. In the camp of Kara Tepe, our work focuses on ensuring access to primary health care, sexual and reproductive health services, and psycho-social support for the population.

Since January 2018, Doctors of the World has conducted over 16,000 medical consultations. It has become clear that a direct consequence of living in a camp is the cross-cutting deterioration of the physical and psychological health of all different groups of population.

People live in limbo and uncertainty, they feel demotivated, and their morale is low.
When it comes to women and Sexual and Reproductive Health Services (SRH), the complexities faced are even bigger. From barriers faced by pregnant women in need of pre-natal and ante-natal care to family planning, pre-existing gynecological problems and cultural constraints.

Doctors of the World is responding to this need by implementing programs providing medical consultations,  enabling access to essential mental health care and psychosocial support.

The DOTW publication: “Snapshot: Greek Islands” explores the current situation in the region, highlighting the challenges posed by life in the camps.

The report can be downloaded as PDF here.


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