Gaza: Emergency Appeal

Published 22nd May 2018

A child being carried on a stretcher in Gaza. Sadly it was too late to save his life. All photos (c) Hosam Salem

Tragically, it was too late to save this child’s life in Gaza.

However, our team are working at Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis to provide surgical support for dozens of patients.

You can help save lives by donating to our Gaza appeal now.

We plan to provide specialised and complex surgical and post-operative care at Nasser and Al Aqsa Hospital for at least the next six months. We can only do it with your support though.

Over 100 Palestinians have been killed and thousands more have been injured in the violence so far. Gaza’s health infrastructure is struggling to cope with the influx of injuries and casualties.

We urgently need to get medical supplies through the blockade and to help the wounded.

Please join other kind and compassionate people and give today.

Our team is already working in Nasser Hospital saving lives. You can help keep the emergency clinic open. All photos (c) Hosam Salem


With your support, Doctors of the World will make sure nobody suffers or dies due to lack of access to healthcare.