Doctors of the World and partner NGOs decry failure of Oslo Accords

Published 19th September 2018

Doctors of the World joined with more than 80 NGOs to publish a report highlighting the failures of the Oslo Peace Process and urging new negotiations. The report marks the 25th anniversary of the Oslo Accords this month.

The report boldly criticizes the Oslo Process, noting that it was initially a “beacon of hope to end conflict between Israel and the Palestinians”. But 25 years later, it “has manifestly failed to deliver the ‘just, lasting and comprehensive’ peace it promised”.

The report, entitled 25 Years after the Oslo Accords – Time for a New Narrative, traces the Accords’ unravelling, and emphasizes how a lack of accountability and sustained pressure from the international community contributed to it. Life for Palestinians has devolved into cycles of poverty, violence, and human rights violations under Israeli occupation.

Especially in Gaza, a blockade since 2007 has made life abysmal. Daily power outages plague the territory, 96% of tap water is unsafe to drink, and nearly three-quarters of the shoreline is polluted by raw sewage.

But peace between the two peoples could dramatically change this situation. The report urges Israel, the Palestinians, and the international community to start fresh with negotiations based on six principles, including human rights and accountability under international law.

Read the full report Oslo_25+_final-WEB_PAGES.


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