5 reasons why the Mobile Clinic is a game changer (and 2 ways to support it)

Published 15th February 2019

The Bethnal Green clinic helps women, men, and children in vulnerable circumstances be seen by a doctor and register with a GP. Now, our very first Mobile Clinic has been launched into full service to support it.

But will this medical van have a real impact?

Well, here are 5 reasons why it will revolutionise our work!


1. The East London clinic is full

Our clinic is operating at full capacity. Every day, volunteers fill the consultation rooms, but the space is limited and we have to turn people away. With the Mobile Clinic fully operational, more people will have the chance to access our much-needed service.


2. Healthcare is better when it’s local

Our patients sometimes have to borrow money and travel long distances to reach our clinic. It’s common for our patients to spend hours on different buses to save the extra pounds that a quicker tube journey costs. These journeys can take a heavy toll, particularly if one is already feeling debilitated and ill. With a mobile clinic visiting all corners of London, long and expensive trips to east London will be avoided!


3. Teaming up for impact

The Mobile Clinic will drive to different service providers so our patients can access more services in the same place! Facing challenges with immigration applications and a life marked by insecurity, being able to see the doctor and register with GP while accessing legal advice, your foodbank or your ESOL class can make a huge difference.


4. Spreading the word about healthcare rights

Providing services around London can also help our reach. We will empower more patients than ever to access to healthcare! Spreading the word, more patients will be able to access the primary healthcare they are entitled to.


5. From GP appointments to HIV screening

The Mobile Clinic is not only a space for medical consultations and social assessments, but it’s also set up to carry out HIV and STI screening.


So, the Mobile Clinic is going to completely revolutionise our work.  But we need a bit of support. How?


1. Work with us on the Mobile Clinic

Do you want to support people in need access healthcare? Then join us today! We are looking for clinical and non-clinical volunteers to run our activities on the mobile clinic.


2. Donate

Maybe you can’t volunteer, but you can still help us run our activities by setting up regular donations or on a one-off basis. Please, consider donating today.


People in vulnerable circumstances across London struggle to access the healthcare they need. Help us reach them!




With your support, Doctors of the World will make sure nobody suffers or dies due to lack of access to healthcare.