The situation

Ukraine is a country in eastern Europe. Since conflict between the Government and Separatist forces began in 2013, access to basic healthcare has been majorly disrupted. The eastern region of Ukraine was split by the fighting and getting healthcare has become difficult for many. Medical staff fled, travelling to clinics became harder, and a high number of internally displaced people put further pressure on already stretched health facilities.

In 2014 the Ukrainian government exacerbated the situation by de-registering all health facilities in non-government-controlled areas. The humanitarian situation deteriorated sharply, with 2019 estimates suggesting that 3.5 million people are still in need of humanitarian assistance. [1] The conflict has also caused mass migration, with roughly 2.7 million people being displaced both internally and outside of Ukraine. [2]

Our Work

Doctors of the World started an emergency response in the Luhansk region of eastern Ukraine in 2015. We offered healthcare for those affected, providing free medication, access to primary healthcare, mental health services and support for victims of gender-based violence. This work later developed into two offices and mobile units, which provided medical services for the population and help to strengthen the local healthcare system by offering 40-50 consultations a day.

Between January and May 2018, Doctors of the World UK and our Spanish colleagues worked together to deliver healthcare. Our two multidisciplinary mobile units delivered 4,572 medical consultations, 997 mental health consultations, and 762 sexual and reproductive health consultations in eight locations. The same teams also conducted awareness sessions for 5,980 beneficiaries.

The Ukraine programme was handed over to our Spanish colleagues in 2018.





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