Cyclone Idai - Help save lives

Cyclone Idai - Help save lives

Cyclone Idai - Help save lives


Global Clinic Crowdfunder

Published 11th March 2019

Thanks so much to all our amazing supporters – thanks to you, we have hit our £10,000 target and raised a total of £12,710!

The Global Clinic Crowdfunding campaign has now drawn to a close. Thanks to the support of 310 pledgers, and their encouraging words in 78 comments, we were able to reach our target of £10,000 and beat it by an extra £2,000.

This support will be fundamental to the deployment of the Global Clinic along the Balkan route this summer, where it will help provide mental healthcare to refugees and asylum seekers.

If you would like to support our work, you can still contribute to our projects at home and abroad.

Thank you for your continued support

The problem

In refugee camps, natural disaster zones, and conflict situations, healthcare needs are urgent and addressing them is critical. Children, women and men need help treating wounds, both physical and emotional, but local structures are often destroyed or overwhelmed.

Doctors – like the volunteers who work with Doctors of the World – are among the first responders during emergencies, and often the last to leave. However, there are no medical structures that are specifically created for humanitarian medical response needs. Doctors have to work in tents that quickly become ice-cold or sweltering, in unhygienic vans or unwelcoming shipping containers, or in huts that provide no privacy for their patients.

After witnessing these issues in the countries where we work, Doctors of the World felt a call to action. When the Wellcome Collection put out a call for proposals for an architectural installation that addressed a health issue to accompany their Living With Buildings exhibition, we saw an opportunity. We rallied our most experienced medical professionals and worked with a world-class team of architects and engineers to build a solution.

The result is the Global Clinic. You can see our can see our Crowdfunder here or support our healthcare programmes with refugees and other groups here

The solution

The Global Clinic is a low-cost, easily-assembled, and durable solution that creates a private and safe space for patients and doctors worldwide.

It has been designed for rapid deployment and long-lasting intervention. The clinic is constructed from 25 pieces of plywood that are CNC machined locally into 298 parts, which are then delivered as a flatpack and assembled in one day, with no need for tools or machinery.

“This is the cutting edge of miracle medical architecture” – TimeOut

Your support will go towards the delivery, construction, and running of the first Global Clinic for patients in need, to be deployed where it is urgently needed. Our team will work with doctors, nurses and patients using the clinics, continually gathering feedback and evaluating how they use the structure so that we can best meet the community’s needs.


With your support, Doctors of the World will make sure nobody suffers or dies due to lack of access to healthcare.