'As the NHS turns 70 this week there is much to be proud of, and much to fight for': A blog by UK Health Advisor Lucinda Hiam

'As a health advisor, I have seen the devastating impact this has on people. I have seen people refused heart surgery, denied cancer treatment or have their chemotherapy stopped.' UK Health Advisor Lucinda Hiam reflects on her experience working in the NHS for this week's 70th anniversary.Read more

Celebrate Refugee Week: Send a Welcome Message to a Refugee

Doctors of the World is asking members of the public to send welcome messages to refugees in the UK. To mark Refugee Week, we’ve created Radio Refugee which allows people to also share a favourite song.Read more

Safe Surgeries network launch as research shows wrongful GP refusals

New research has found that 1 in 5 attempts to register vulnerable patients are being wrongfully refused by GP surgeries in England, even though they're fully entitled to access NHS primary care. To address this, Doctors of the World has launched the Safe Surgeries initiative, offering practices support and resources to mitigate barriers to access faced by migrants in vulnerable circumstances.Read more

Gaza: Emergency Appeal

Over a hundred people are dead. Thousands are injured. We must help the people of Gaza. Doctors of the World teams are already treating the wounded and conducting life-saving surgery at Nasser Hospital in Gaza. We expect to be there for at least six months, but we desperately need to raise £10,000 to keep the clinic running.Read more

Healthcare workers amongst the injured in Palestine

Doctors of the World continues to provide healthcare support in Gaza and today expressed their deepest concern regarding Israel’s violent response against Palestinian civilians demonstrating near the perimeter fence with Israel in Gaza.Read more

Government will halt NHS datasharing with Home Office except for serious crime

Today marks a victory for the #StopSharing campaign and for all NHS doctors and patients: the government has announced that NHS datasharing with the Home Office will only be allowed in much more limited circumstances, primarily in cases involving serious crime.Read more

Doctors spoof May’s “go home” vans in protest to “hostile environment” in the NHS

Today, a van spoofing Theresa May’s “go home” vans will drive though Westminster and Whitehall as doctors, nurses and midwives go to the Home Office to make a stand against the Home Office’s use of NHS services and staff to carry out immigration enforcement.Read more


Like Albert Thompson, Djibril and many of our patients are refused life-saving treatment in NHS hospitals because it is deemed 'non-urgent' and they cannot hope to pay for it upfront. They are placed in this impossible situation as a result of the NHS charging scheme, whose reliance on classifications of 'urgent' and 'non-urgent' to determine if a patient has to pay upfront often fail to take account of conditions, like cancer, where timely treatment can make all the difference.Read more