Safe Surgeries QI project for GP trainees

GP trainees (ST3) have the option of completing a ‘Quality Improvement Project’ (QIP) as part of their training. This is a great chance to make meaningful improvements in their training practices, to gather valuable data and to develop their own skills and knowledge in inclusion health.

The Safe Surgeries QIP resources support GP trainees to make their practice a Safe Surgery by training their colleagues on best practice in inclusive patient registration and assessing changes in policy and staff attitudes and knowledge over time.

The resources were designed in line with the Royal College of GPs’ QIP guidance.


Safe Surgeries QIP Guidelines for GP trainees

This document guides GP trainees through the entire Safe Surgeries QIP.

Safe Surgeries QIP Introduction (slides)

Short introductory slides to present the project to practice staff.


Safe Surgeries staff training module (slides)

Full training module to be delivered to practice staff by the GP trainee.

Safe Surgeries training guide

Background information to support the GP trainee to deliver the Safe Surgeries training.

Measuring improvement

Knowledge and attitudes survey

To be completed by practice staff at baseline and follow-up.

Practice policy review

To be completed by GP trainee at baseline and follow-up

For more background information about the laws and guidance that the Safe Surgeries materials are based on, see our Useful Resources page.


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