Frequently asked questions about legacies

How can I be sure every penny will make a difference?

You can be sure we will use your gift in the most efficient and effective way possible, funding projects where the need of vulnerable people is greatest.

How can I be sure Doctors of the World will still be here when the time comes?

Yes! Doctors of the World is part of Medecins du Monde that has existed since 1980. In 2017 we launched an ambitious plan to run more projects across the world to help those without access to healthcare.

How might my family feel if I leave Doctors of the World a gift in my will?

Your decision to keep helping the most vulnerable access healthcare is something that your family can feel proud of. We would never ask you to replace the kind of support you would want to give your loved ones, but after family and friends are provided for we would be delighted if you could think of Doctors of the World.

Can I afford to leave a gift in my will?

Leaving a contribution in your will is a wonderful way to make a lasting difference, no matter what your situation. Even something that may not seem a very large amount here in the UK can go a long way in the countries where we work.

Can I add Doctors of the World to my existing will?

Adding DOTW to your will can be made with the addition of a codicil. This is where your solicitor attaches a written instruction to your existing will. This should be done by your solicitor, otherwise your will and the wishes within it may be invalidated.

Shouldn’t I be helping now, rather than later?

We’re immensely grateful to everybody who supports our work, whenever and however they choose to do so. A gift today can start changing peoples’ lives tomorrow and the need is real and urgent. However, a gift in your will does something special – it can safeguard the future of work and make sure everyone has access to healthcare.

Will Inheritance Tax make a difference to the legacy I leave to Doctors of the World?

No. As a registered charity, we are exempt from Inheritance Tax. This is a subject you can speak to your solicitor about as there are practicalities you will have to consider.

For more information on Inheritance Tax, see the HMRC website.

Who can I speak to if I want to know more about leaving DOTW a gift in my will?

Call our fundraising manager on 0207 167 5789


With your support, Doctors of the World will make sure nobody suffers or dies due to lack of access to healthcare.