“I have a lot of pain on the body and I am not sleeping well, I have really bad dreams. I think a lot, relive things”

Victims of torture need your help

Tavish suffered severely during the Sri Lankan civil war. He lost his land and property and one of his brothers was killed. Tavish himself was arrested and tortured because of his suspected involvement with the group that was at war with the government.

He was tortured again by the Sri Lankan authorities in 2015 and only released after his father paid a bribe. He was then smuggled to the UK, where he applied for asylum.

Tavish was in urgent need of medical help, as the torture he had suffered took a heavy toll on his physical and mental health. His lower back bears the scars of being beaten with a large stick. Yet his local GP surgery in London would not register him, saying that he did not have the correct proof of address documents.

When he came to Doctors of the World’s clinic, volunteers identified that Tavish was suffering from PTSD and helped him to register with a GP. We also referred him for regular counselling.

You can help Tavish and others by donating to our volunteer-led clinic. 

You can help Max answer more calls 

Our advice line depends of volunteers like Max to answer calls. He helps vulnerable people such as asylum seekers and undocumented migrants to register with a GP.

“These patients need and deserve to see a doctor,” says Max. “They’re almost always living below the poverty line and they don’t have any stability. They’ve also usually been in the UK for a long time, at least five years, before they come to us. They've waited until a health problem got really bad before even trying to see a doctor.” 

Many of the patients Max talks to have been wrongly turned away by their local surgery before we step in and advocate on their behalf. 

“If I help someone register with a GP on one day, I’ll put in a call the next week to make sure everything has gone okay," says Max. "I like following up, making sure that what you’ve done for someone will have an impact that lasts.”

By supporting our clinic work you will be helping Max and others to keep the advice line open. 

The difference you can make today

Our UK clinic relies on donations to keep it open and helping vulnerable people access healthcare.

Here is how you donation could help:

£15 - many of the callers to our advice line don;t speak great English and so need their calls translating. This costs 50p per minute. A gift of £15 would cover 30 minutes of translation services.