DoTW Safe Surgeries training (formerly called 'Right to Care') aims to improve NHS professionals' understanding of migrant rights to NHS care and enable them to better advocate for their patients.

We use patient case studies to explore health needs and entitlements and offer good practice tips and resources. The training is delivered by DoTW staff and clinic volunteers and is suitable for clinical and non-clinical professionals working in both primary and secondary care settings.

It is currently available for free in London, Manchester and Birmingham and runs from one-two hours.

Sample topics for different key audiences are given below.

  • Exploring barriers to GP registration faced by migrants;
  • Implementing NHS England guidelines on GP registration for migrants;
  • Good practice tips for ensuring access to healthcare for refugees and migrants.
CLINICAL STAFF (primary/secondary care):
  • Overview of entitlements to NHS care and charging rules for migrants;
  • Addressing the healthcare needs of vulnerable migrants, including refugees and asylum seekers;
  • Making referrals and supporting migrant patients with complex needs.

If you are outside our current training areas, a medical student or just eager to get involved, please consider using our peer-to-peer training resources to deliver a session to your colleagues.

Contact Jennie Corbett for more information about training in London or the peer-to-peer training.

Contact Ella Johnson about training in Manchester and Birmingham.