If you’re having problems getting healthcare our team can give you free and confidential support – whatever your immigration status and wherever you live in the UK.


Doctors of the World advice on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Doctors of the World encourages anyone who is concerned they might have coronavirus to follow the latest NHS advice, or contact NHS 111.

For more information, see:

When to come

Doctors of the World’s Clinic in Stratford, east London, is currently open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am.

From the week commencing the 17th May the Stratford clinic will be open on Tuesdays, Wednesday and  Thursdays from 10am.

Our Women & Children’s clinic will resume service on the 31st May.

Please note there will be a limited number of drop-in appointments on the day, which will be allocated first come first served basis.

On busy days, we will prioritise offering our limited appointments to:
• People experiencing homelessness;
• People facing digital exclusion (no access to phone etc needed for remote consulting);
• People with safeguarding concerns or concerns regarding their social situation;
• People with an acute medical need.

To avoid a wasted journey, wherever possible, please call the advice line to book an appointment. 0808 1647 686 (free phone) Monday to Thursday from 10am-12pm.

Please notes our lines are very busy and we encourage everyone to try again if they cannot get through the first time.

You can find our London clinic at:
The People’s Place
Unit 2
80-92 High St London
E15 2NE

We cannot always see everyone, and sometimes you may have to wait a while before being seen.

These are the things DOTW can help you with:

• Get help registering with a GP (a doctor)
• Consult in private with a medical professional (a GP or nurse)
• Fill in a form for help with the cost of prescriptions, dental care and
glasses (an HC1 form) – if you are not working
• Be prescribed medicine by a GP (if appropriate)
• Get help to see a midwife in a hospital to check the health of you
and your baby – if you are pregnant
• Get support to end a pregnancy
• Be tested and receive advice for HIV and other infections you can get from having sex
• Get advice on how you can control when you get pregnant
• Be supported to find other services useful for you
• Understand your rights to medical (NHS) hospital care in the UK, and what happens if you get a bill.

You should know that:

• We value your voice and will not make a decision without involving
you in it
• Our service is free for everyone; please tell us if you have paid
anyone any money to come to us today
• Our service is confidential – we will not share your information with
anyone (unless someone’s life or wellbeing is at risk)
• We are not an emergency service
• You can refuse (say no to) any examination, test or treatment
• Under the General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679), you
have the right to access, check and change your personal data
• You have the right to have a chaperone (someone to be with you
when you see the doctor) if you choose to
• You have the right to make a complaint


Doctors of the World’s advice line remains open (10am to 12 midday Monday to Thursday) on freephone 0808 1647 686.

Please note as these calls are being picked up remotely, there may be a longer delay than normal.

If you’re calling from an organisation, please call our clinic office line: 0207 0789 629 or email (both also being picked up remotely).

Remote video (or phone) consultations with a volunteer GP are available for people struggling to access primary care. To access this, you should call our advice line.

Interpreting services are available for people who don’t speak English.

Information for organisations

If you like to refer a service user to us, please request a referral form at

Referrals we can accept:

  • For support accessing primary care (registering with a GP)
  • For support accessing ante natal care or terminations of pregnancy
  • Reviewing refusal of hospital care and challenging where appropriate
  • For sexual health advice including HIV & STI screening

Referrals we cannot accept:

  • Where the person has not consented, where the referral is incomplete · For medico-legal reports; fit to fly letters; sick notes.
  • For letters to request exemption from Home Office reporting ·
  • Reviewing charging for hospital care and challenging where appropriate (we can give general advice on this)
  • For debt advice in relation to NHS hospital charging (we can give general advice on this)
  • Where the person is already registered with a GP and would like a second medical opinion.

We aim to respond to referral within 5 working days.

At Doctors of the World, we make sure we protect the information our service users give us. We ask all our service users for consent to allow us to handle their data.

You can find copies of our consent forms (included translated versions) here:

Doctors of the World UK is regulated by the Care Quality Commission. The service was last inspected in February 2022 and was found to be Safe, Effective, Caring, Responsive, and Well-led. The complete report can be found here.

Click here if you would like to share your experience of DOTW’s services with the Care Quality Commission.


With your support, Doctors of the World will make sure nobody suffers or dies due to lack of access to healthcare.