Help us become Allen & Overy’s Global Charity Partner

We are excited to announce that Doctors of the World has been shortlisted for a Global Charity Partnership with leading law firm Allen & Overy.

If selected, this partnership will support our mission to deliver healthcare to over one million people across Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq over the next two years.

Why Doctors of the World?

Our volunteer doctors, nurses, midwives and psychologists provided over 588,000 people with medical and mental healthcare in Syria, Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq in 2015 alone. With the war raging on and the number of refugees increasing, our work there will remain critical for the duration of this partnership.

We care for every person in need, regardless of their age, gender, background or circumstance. From traumatised unaccompanied children who have lost their family to war, to pregnant women with no other access to antenatal care, our volunteer medics provide medical and mental healthcare through our clinics across the region.

Winning this vote would allow us to reach many more vulnerable refugees.

A global partnership with Doctors of the World will mean:

  • Increased emergency medical aid, supplies and equipment for people injured or displaced by war in Syria.
  • More mental healthcare clinics for those traumatised by war.
  • New clinics at refugee camps which could help thousands more people each week.
  • Mobile clinics reaching displaced, vulnerable people in remote areas.
  • Training for local health professionals across the region.

Hundred of thousands of lives could be saved or changed.

What can you do?

If you work at Allen & Overy, keep an eye out for the Global Charity Partnership vote email, where you’ll be able to find out more about how a vote for Doctors of the World will improve lives across the Middle East.

You can also help us win this vote by spreading the word through your social media or contacts. 

If you would like to know more about why you or someone you know should vote for Doctors of the World, get in touch with Tom McKenzie  

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