Supporting people who are street homeless during Covid

For people who are street homeless staying healthy during the pandemic is harder than ever.  Access to hygiene facilities, a place to self-isolate or getting access to the NHS is harder than for everyone else.  Whilst some are accommodated in hotels, people with the most complex needs are finding it difficult to access accommodation and are continuing to sleep on the streets.  Our outreach doctors and nurse team are going out to the streets on an evening to provide healthcare advice and help people access the services they need.

Our outreach team met Paul who was rough sleeping in the city of London. He was new to the area and had not been approached by local services yet. 

He reported feeling completely well with no symptoms of Covid 19, but we examined him and found he had very low oxygen levels so have arranged for him to go into temporary accommodation and have testing for thought Find and treat.

Samir is a 28yr old man from Algeria who was street homeless and only speaks Arabic. We used DOTW translated resources to explained Covid 19 to him and its seriousness and convince him to come into temporary accommodation for effective isolation.

We found Lukas, originally from Lithuania sleeping rough in London, he was experiencing severe mental health symptoms and symptoms of Covid-19. Through regular visits and building a rapport we arranged testing through Find and treat and accommodation for him.


With your support, Doctors of the World will make sure nobody suffers or dies due to lack of access to healthcare.