“You are doing an amazing job”: Swell of support for DOTW’s helpline team

Published 31st July 2020

During COVID-19, our helpline team has been working tirelessly to answer calls from vulnerable people across the UK.

The advice line is often a patient’s first point of contact and our staff and volunteers ensure they get the support they need, whether that’s help to understand coronavirus guidance, register with a GP, get essential medication, or link up with other services.

The pandemic has made it even harder for vulnerable people to access healthcare and demand for our services continues to increase. In June alone, the helpline team supported nearly 200 people.

We recently asked our supporters to send the team a message to help them get through this intense period.

Here are some of our favourites:

“I want to thank you for the amazing work you are doing in the face of this terrible Covid-19 pandemic. I realise it’s difficult but I hope you all manage to stay safe and well.” – Win


“Thank you so much for doing such amazing, desperately needed work, helping so many needy and desperate, people mostly through no fault of their own. The world is a better place because of you!” – Helena


“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the incredibly valuable work that you are doing. You are making a massive contribution to people’s lives. Please also ensure that you are nurturing yourselves and your physical and mental energy as much as you can.” – Renata


“I want to congratulate the team – staff and volunteers – for your amazingly swift and thoughtful response to the challenges the pandemic posed to your clients. You had your platforms up and running to deliver your services virtually before many much larger and well resourced organisations. This is a tribute to your amazing commitment. Thank you for this and for your willingness to do the difficult work you do from your own homes. The extremis of people’s situations coming to you in your home unfiltered so to speak by the clinic setting, must be hard at times. It needs especial fortitude to sustain and also the support of the wider team and your own family and friends. My hat is off to you all!” – Anne


“It is just a short note to thank you ever so much for your incredible efforts, dedication, determination and hard work. You are truly all very remarkable people.” – Filomena
“Thank you for your compassionate care for vulnerable people.” – Gretel


“Many People living in the UK do not appreciate how lucky they are to have the NHS and Access to a Doctor and Medication when they need it. Many Thanks go to all those that work in the Clinics and man the Helplines helping those who need always require Support. I trust that all your Volunteers remain Safe during this very uncertain Period.” – Peter
“We are SO grateful to you all for the great and selfless work you have been and are still doing. Thank you VERY much.” – Sandra
“Dear Staff, Volunteers, and all connected to the Doctors of the World. You do wonderful work by helping the most marginalised people in the UK at present. To those who are undocumented, I wish to encourage you to see health care as a basic human right that should be easily accessible at the point of need. What I really appreciate about the Doctors of the World is that you campaign to change the unjust legislation relating to health care while at the same time attending to the needs of so many people.” – Margaret
“I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the tremendous work you are doing under what must always be very difficult circumstances and, currently, must be unbelievably challenging. Thank you so much for what you do – you are amazing!” – Ian
“To the whole Doctors of the World support team, keep up the good work you’re doing. It’s so important to help and support people who have nowhere else to go, and your work is vital for their well-being. A lot of us can support you with money, but it’s the personal one to one work you do for all your ‘clients’ that is really heroic. So well done you and stay strong knowing that you are really important links in a life saving chain! I admire you.” – Tatina
“On behalf of Stronger Together Network, Ireland, we send our heartfelt thanks to Doctor of the World for their invaluable Covid 19 information in various languages. We have circulated to marginalised and vulnerable BAME communities, many of whom do not speak English and therefore were unable to utilise the public health information from our national government. Go raibh mile mhaith agaibh (thank you very much).”  – Máire


“You are doing an amazing job which makes a huge difference to people who are in dire situations. I have met many people like that, including close friends, so I’m thankful to you for helping them. I have been inspired by what you do and have become a regular gift supporter as of today.” – Pilar
I’m in awe of the staff at Doctors of the World for the tireless work you all put in. Day in and day out you support the people who feel they have nowhere else to go. God bless you all, and not just at this difficult time, for the work you do. My hopes and prayers are with you, and all the Doctors of the World staff.– Kim
“I look forward to hearing the inspiring news from DOTW. I am nearly 80 now and wish I could do more than donate, but your wonderful practical help maintains my often flagging and battered faith in the ultimate goodness of human beings and the oneness of humankind despite all those who seek to divide us.” – Rodney
“Dear Doctors of the World people, Thank you for your work. In these times it is so good to know that there are people like you doing the work you do. I hope so much that more will notice and be guided by your example.” – Ted
“As a retired medical practitioner, who has worked overseas, my heart goes out to those who find themselves in dire health straits. Through no fault of their own they find themselves caught up in a ‘hostile environment’ created by people in public office with no conception of what it means to have to flee their homes. My wishes of support go to all who work to bring care to those in desperate circumstances.” – Hugh
“Thank you all, for everything you do! People like you help to restore the faith in humanity!” – Marrilyn


Thank you to all those who sent a note to our team, your heartfelt messages have lifted the spirits of everyone at Doctors of the World UK.

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Doctors of the World’s advice line is open from 10am-12pm Monday to Friday on freephone 0808 1647 686.

For more information on how to get help, please see our clinic page.


With your support, Doctors of the World will make sure nobody suffers or dies due to lack of access to healthcare.