Doctors of the World has launched a co-production project to ensure migrants have a greater influence over healthcare policy and practice. Migrants with lived experience of health exclusion know the best impact of the policies and services and their voice and insights should be at the centre of changing public perspectives among the general public, achieving well-informed decisions and inclusive services, driving a sustainable, systemic, policy change in healthcare.

The project is launched with the strategic aim of Doctors of the World to “strengthen our movement with greater numbers of healthcare professionals, activists and service users who together support and set the direction of the organization”. In line with this objective, our approach will be to “work hand-in-hand with those benefiting from our services, advocacy or activism.”

National Health Advisors work as an equal partner in the project, putting their voices, views and insights at the centre of services, policy influencing and strategic engagement work, media or campaigns.

Meet some of our National Health Advisors

Niloha, North Wales

Niloha National Health Advisor

Medical doctor, NHA policy lead 

Passionate about mental health, wellbeing, vaccination for migrants

Kemi, London

Kemi National Health Advisor

NHA Community and  policy lead  & resource development consultant

Passionate about engaging with stakeholders and media; maternity and women’s rights

Shams, Darlington

Shams National Health Advisor

NHA Community & Campaigning lead

Passionate about raising awareness on access to healthcare for refugee and asylum-seeking community

Chantelle, London

Chantelle National Health Advisor

Activist for women 

Passionate about the wellbeing of women through the use of  her dance and music group

Nazanin, North West England

Nazanin National Health Advisor

Medical doctor, surgeon, NHA campaign and resource development lead

Passionate about patient advocacy and medical education

Arooba, North East England

Arooba Chantelle National Health Advisor

Cancer biology and immunology student, NHA Resource Development Lead

Passionate about access to education for people seeking asylum

Abie, London

Abie National Health Advisor

NHA Community and Strategic Projects Lead

Passionate about raising awareness on access to healthcare for refugee and asylum-seeking communities

Janet, London

NHA Policy, Human Resources and Development Lead

Passionate about communicating and influencing people, services and policy


With your support, Doctors of the World will make sure nobody suffers or dies due to lack of access to healthcare.