When Jeremy (left) first came to Doctors of the World’s clinic in London in 2013, she was six months pregnant but had not had an antenatal scan. She had tried to register at GP surgeries but had been wrongly turned away because of her immigration status.

“I was so desperate,” says Jeremy, who was an undocumented migrant when she first came to the clinic. “I felt hopeless because I hadn’t even had a proper check-up and kept getting turned away.”

Jeremy came to the UK from the Philippines in 2005 in order to find work and send money home to support her two daughters. She had been unable to earn enough in the Philippines to provide for them.

Volunteers at Doctors of the World referred her to a hospital where she received antenatal care. She was sent a large bill after the treatment due to her immigration situation but, following Doctors of the World’s advice, she came to an agreement with the hospital to pay in segments.

Doctors of the World also helped Jeremy to register with a GP and access legal advice. She now has leave to remain in the UK and lives in London, with her husband and their young son Ethan. She works as a nanny and her husband is studying to be a nurse. In 2015 Jeremy saw her daughters, now aged 15 and 18, for the first time in ten years.

“We’re starting to build our lives for the better,” she says. “We’re thinking now about what we need to do to make tomorrow better.”

Photo by Alina Negoita.