Saeer was just 9 years old when he fled the violence in Syria. He is now living in a refugee camp with his family on the outskirts of Sofia, Bulgaria.

He says his pictures ‘show the longing of refugees - for home, for their family, for safety. I try to draw hope for a better life.’

Saeer’s drawing is a stark reminder, that across the world, many people still face a terrible choice: live in a war zone and hope for the best or run for their lives to somewhere safer. Everyday parents like Saeer’s, make the unimaginable decision to take their families on a dangerous and lifethreatening journey in search of a better life for their children.

Without parents looking after them, refugee children become extremely vulnerable to trafficking and other forms of abuse.

At Doctors of the World, we often hear horror stories of child refugees disappearing and being forced into manual labour or sexual exploitation. Our teams of medical staff and volunteers provide specialised support for refugee and migrants, especially for girls and boys.

This winter, you can help children like Saeer by providing medical care, mental health support and legal advice to refugees who continue to live in harsh conditions across Europe.

£17 could pay for basic hygiene products, clothes and other essentials for unaccompanied refugee children.

£52 could pay a small allowance, food and accommodation for a Doctors of the World volunteer working in a refugee camp.

£300 could cover the costs of distributing vital drugs and meds in a refugee camp.

£680 could provide psychosocial consultations for children and families in a refugee camp for one month.

Our Refugee Fund is for emergency situations like the one we faced last winter, when temperatures plunged to minus 15 and we had to treat people with frostbite and gangrene from being exposed to the harsh cold.

During the peak of the refugee crisis, we set up our mobile teams of doctors to provide an immediate response to the increase in medical need, improving the quality of primary healthcare, referring and access to treatment.

We pay particular attention to the protection of unaccompanied minors, asking for separate accommodation and providing translators, social workers, warm clothes and hygiene kits.

This Christmas help us continue our vital, life-saving work with refugees by making a donation today.

You can also donate by contacting our office on 020 7167 5789 or sending a cheque with our donation form to Doctors of the World UK - 29th Floor, One Canada Square, London, E14 5AA.

If you wish to organise a fundraiser in support of our work with refugees you can set up an online page on Justgiving.