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By allowing us to direct the funds where the need is currently greatest, you can play a direct role in improving access to healthcare in the UK and abroad. Read more

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By making a regular donation today, you will help our doctors around the world provide healthcare to those most in need. You will also help us to campaign for safe access to medical care for everyone. Read more


We've set up a malnutrition project in Kenya's Isiolo County and just £8.41 will help treat a child. More than 20 million people in five countries – Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan, Kenya and Nigeria – are facing famine. Please give what you can. Read more

Dictate campaign

Despite everyone in the UK being legally entitled to see a doctor, many migrants fail to get the treatment they urgently need. Some are too scared to approach a GP. If you believe denying vulnerable people medical support for political reasons is an outrage, please join our fight for a fairer world for all patients. Read more

Refugee fund: providing healthcare to refugees across Europe

Please give to our fund to provide healthcare for refugees living in camps across Europe. Read more