On 8 September, Hurricane Irma battered northern Haiti. Houses were destroyed, infrastructure was damaged, crops were ruined and there was widespread flooding.

Doctors of the World’s teams have been working around the clock to limit the resulting health risks. The spread of diseases such as cholera, acute watery diarrhoea, and other water-borne diseases is a major concern. Hurricane Irma hit many Caribbean islands, but Haiti is by the far the poorest nation affected.

To minimise health risks, we’ve sent vehicles, fuel, water purification tablets and rehydration salts to the worst-affected areas. We're assessing whether any other support is needed, such as mobile clinics. We're also monitoring new storms such as Hurricane Maria as they pass through the Caribbean.

Please donate now to support our doctors and nurses on the ground.

Doctors of the World has been in Haiti since 1989. This beleaguered and impoverished island nation is still recovering from a hurricane last year that killed 500 people and affected 1.8 million others.

We’ve responded to many emergencies there, while also strengthening the local health system and preventing cholera outbreaks.

Please give what you can today.

If money raised through this appeal exceeds what’s needed in Haiti, we will redirect funds to where it is most needed.