Letter from Leigh Daynes, executive director of Doctors of the World UK

Thursday 16 March 2017

More than 20 million people in five countries – Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan, Kenya and Nigeria – are facing starvation and famine in what is being described by the UN as the world's largest humanitarian crisis since 1945.

I’ve launched this appeal today to help fund our emergency work in the region. Please give what you can.

Doctors of the World has been working Nigeria, Yemen, and Somalia for several months. We are also putting together a team to treat acute malnutrition in Kenya.

Our clinics are often the only option available for people in remote or insecure areas. They also provide nutritional screening, so we can prioritise who needs medical treatment and food most urgently. You can read more about our work in these countries, and the current crisis, in this blog post.

A donation today will help me establish an emergency fund. Together with donations from other Doctors of the World offices across Europe, we can raise enough money to help make a difference.

Your gift will mean that Doctors of the World can send more volunteer doctors and nurses to these countries. It will pay for medical supplies and help us to identify and prioritise the most urgent malnutrition cases.

Please give now so that I can instruct Doctors of the World's teams to increase our work where it is desperately needed.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Leigh Daynes

This letter was updated on 24 March to reflect that Kenya had been added to our appeal. Our appeal initially concerned the crisis in four countries: Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen.