Shyamantha is looking forward to her trips

*We have increased the target to £1,500 - any additional funds over the £894 target will be used to fund future trips to refugee camps - thank you so much for your generosity*

At 8.10 on 8 March a British Airways plane will leave Terminal 5 at Heathrow bound for Sofia, Bulgaria. On that flight will be Doctors of the World colleague Shyamantha.

On arrival she will be driven 246 kilometres through the Bulgarian countryside to the Harmanli refugee camp.

Harmanli is largest refugee camp in Bulgaria is close to the border with Turkey and is home to over 2,500 refugees.

There she will meet Doctors of the World volunteers and listen to their stories about the medical care they are delivering in the camp. She will also talk to refugees living there and discover how the clinic has helped them.

Although spring is now in the air, it is only a short time since temperatures plummeted and snow blanketed the camp. She will be asking how people coped with the harsh cold and what help Doctors of the World provided.

Two weeks after she returns, Shyamantha will head to Dunkirk in France.

Despite the Calais camps having been cleared, thousands of refugees are still in the area in new centres and even hiding in the countryside. That’s why we continue to run clinics providing essential healthcare and advice.

You may find it surprising, but DOTW are the only medical charity now providing health care in the area. Shyamantha will be visiting to see the work of our mobile medical unit and our psychosocial space.

These visits are essential to the successful running of our programmes, helping document the work we are doing and demonstrating the effectiveness of our work. However, they are not cheap and I’d like to ask you to help fund Shyamantha’s two trips.





Flight to Bulgaria


Hotel in Bulgaria


Eurostar to Dunkirk including petrol costs*


Hotel in Dunkirk*


 Per diem for meals and sundries


Total cost of both visits


* - approximate costs for now. Still to be booked.

Please donate today to help cover the costs of these important visits. Thank you!