We condemn the UK bypassing GPs to get patients' data

Buzzfeed News has published an investigative story on this topic using exclusive evidence and interviews from Doctors of the World.Read more

We oppose upfront ID checks and charges for vulnerable NHS patients

The UK government has announced tougher measures for many migrant patients. Here’s our response.Read more

The UK must not use the NHS as an anti-immigration tool

The British government has released a memo confirming that it requests patients' addresses from the NHS to track down undocumented migrants.Read more

How healthcare bills impact UK's refugees and migrants

Many people who come to our clinics are reluctant to go to hospital appointments, despite desperately needing healthcare, because they fear huge bills.Read more

Video: Greece's harsh winter puts refugees at huge risk

In Moria camp, hundreds of men, women, and children were still sleeping in cold tents as snow continued for the fourth day.Read more

Video: Thank you to all our 2016 supporters!

Doctors of the World patients, volunteers and staff have made a video message to say a huge thank you to all the wonderful people who supported us in 2016. We hope you like it.Read more

The People's Convoy sets off with medical supplies for Syria

A doctor in London has led a crowd-funded project that will send trucks on a journey across 10 countries to equip a children's hospital near Aleppo.Read more

Christmas campaign: Our volunteers share stories of working with refugees

As part of our #RealityXmas campaign, we hear from our brilliant staff and volunteers who help people from the Middle East.Read more

Petition urging the PM to authorise air bridges to Aleppo

We are launching a petition to urge Theresa May to agree to air bridges to ensure desperately needed aid gets Aleppo.Read more